Adaah Jewellery

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Adaah jewelry

Wedding jewelry is one of the most important buys for a grand event. Why not get something that is affordable and stunning. Offering inspiring pieces of jewelry is the main goal of Adaah Jewelry. It is a company based in Ahmedabad, which offers great collections of fabulous ornaments that you can wear for your most special occasion and feel like a divine beauty. Adaah Jewelry provides you with handcrafted designer jewelry and also specialize in creating a unique collection of fine customized bridal jewelry. They are based out of Ahmedabad and also ship their products worldwide too, and have been in the jewelry business for many years. They deal with real bridal jewelry and provide various types of products also. They help you with varied jewelry requirements you may have for your wedding and other related functions. They have a team of specialized craftsmen who keep themselves updated with the latest jewelry trends and styles. Each jewelry is uniquely designed and delicately crafted, making your big day truly special. They offer you a variety of exclusive pieces for all those modern brides of today, who want to strike a balance between tradition and modern lifestyle.


With a varied range of styles and types, they provide you with an exclusive range of accessories and jewelry pieces like:

•             Bridal sets

•             Jewellery sets

•             Pendants & pendant sets

•             Bangles & bracelets

•             Kadas & rings

•             Earrings

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