Rakesh Band

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Rakesh Band is a brass band based out of New Delhi. They are the providers of brass wedding bands. Rakesh Band is a fine blend and amalgamation of years of excellence and diligent hard work. They have graced the wedding processions of countless many nuptial ceremonies and are known to add grace and vibrancy to their party. Started by their founder Rakesh, they consist of a talented pool of musicians and instrumentalists who have made countless many wedding processions a fruitful and joyous occasion. They have an array of instruments in their collection spread across the likes of play a range of instruments including, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, clarinets, dhol & other traditional Indian style leather/fiber based rhythm instruments and percussions.
Without a band like Rakesh Band no wedding will ever be complete. They are not just performers but artists who will leave you awestruck with their dedication and performance. Their specialty is their ability to mix genres through instruments. Some of the services they have in their package are:
•    Wedding brass band
•    Musicians
•    Instrumentalists
•    Live singers
They will ensure that not one single guest of yours sits while they play as their beats will force them to shake a leg or two. To enjoy the music of a band you need not wait for a wedding to happen, you can also enjoy their performances by hiring them for various other occasions such as social gatherings, private gatherings and so on. Having a whopping number of instrumentalists under their belt they strive to make your wedding a memorable occasion for you and your guests both.

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