We do not have any rigid wedding planning strategies; we are a team of dynamic individuals with a bunch of ideas, which we aim to integrate to give you a personalized wedding. We provide infinite consultation sessions without hinting at you to pay token fee.

Time is of essence and we value both your and our time. We would not cite punctured tires and late supplies as excuses because we like being bang on time and a moment lost is an opportunity lost..

We understand that weddings create memories and we wouldn’t want yours to be scarred with souring flashbacks. Proudly being members of the Smartphone era, we are always available for communication, so you have any queries or doubts, just get in touch and we’d respond promptly. Our team of suppliers is dependent and trustworthy and hence we can guarantee prompt and par excellence services. Our work has been featured in BOHO wedding blogs and South Asian Bridal Magazine. We were also featured on Best Destination Wedding as one of the best destination wedding planners in India. We are in the trade for the love of it and a good wedding executed for us is another job well done.


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Feel free to ask any question and tell us other things like which hotel you prefer, for how many rooms you would pay, what kind of experience you are looking for etc etc.

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