Yash & Pallavi's Wedding In Gurgaon


Yash & Pallavi's Wedding in Gurgaon



Wedding Date
  • 24 May 2020
  • Traditional Wedding
  • Punjabi
Residential Wedding
  • Delhi
  • Summer

The Story

From the Bride - Its a basic indian love story. Its an arrange marriage. We met through our parents. Talked for few months, went on some dates and fell in love. Most of our courtship period was during lockdown. So virtual dates and video calls is all that kept us connected and maintained the spark.

Lockdown wedding

Earlier we planned a big fat indian wedding in Hua Hin, Thailand. But due to Corona situation, we postponed the wedding. So we didnt plan anything as there was uncertainity regarding govt regulation. Also we were in 2 different cities- yash is from pune and i am from delhi. So transport was not allowed. So, we started planning once govt allowed rail transport. But considering the fact, that people were being quarentined, we didnt opt for rail or air transport. Once lockdown 4.0 came in and interstate travel was allowed, the groom and his parents took permission for interstate travel from delhi and haryana government and they travelled 27 hrs long journey by road to reach haryana. On the other hand, bride side was doing all the wedding preparations. Earlier, we hired and gave advance to Manyan event planners . So we asked them to organized a small wedding event in Gurgaon among 40-45 people. So, literally in 3-4 days, we planned everything. We got permission on 19 may and our wedding happened on 24 may. So everything happened very quick. As delhi shops were open, so some of the arrangements for wedding rituals were arranged in 1-2 days.

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