Vish & Bhumika's Wedding At Redwood Resorts, Panchkula


Vish & Bhumika's Wedding at Redwood Resorts, Panchkula



Wedding Date
  • 22 February 2020
  • Traditional Wedding
Destination Wedding
  • Panchkula
  • Winter

The Story

From the Bride -  Vish is from Chandigarh and I was born in Mumbai but lived all my life in Dubai.  We both moved to Sydney to peruse our Master's degree in Information Technology. Initially we more like classmates but it didn't take us time to hit it off and before we knew it  Vish and I had become best friends, like a support system away from home. We graduated together and applied in the same organization to together. By luck or destiny, we both now work in the same company as well. 

After knowing each other for over 2 years, Vish asked me out, I was not too sure about it since we both we anti relationships but I said yes, which was surprising to me. We kept it on a down low from our friends for about 2 weeks till I was sure since he was my first ever boyfriend, but then we revealed to our family and friends, who were more than overjoyed by this. Within a few months into dating, he casually asked me to make the parents meet. I was confused as to why, then he said I asked you out to marry you and not only to date. I was really overjoyed by this gesture. 

We made the parents meet and by god's grace they were really happy with this relationship and supported our decision to take this relationship one step forward. Vish is the only son and younger brother to his elder sister & I being the only child of a single parent - my mum and the only granddaughter to my Nani, this was a huge occasion and a dream come true for the families. Everyone from the family, relatives, friends and us got into planning and started looking forward to the wedding. 

We both always wanted an intimate wedding with loved ones away from the city. Since his family was bigger than mine, we chose to do it in Chandigarh and chose Redwood Resorts in Panchkula. We kept a 5-day long wedding which felt more of a holiday. We made all our friends come by the 19th and started off the celebration with a bonfire night for our friends. 20th Feb all the guests started coming where we organized a Welcome lunch with a live band to welcome them. 20th evening we had the Engagement, followed by Mehndi on the 21st morning. Then 21st evening we had the Sagan & Sangeet. 22nd Morning we had the Haldi and followed by the Shaadi in the evening. 23rd morning we had the vidai breakfast to see off all our loved ones.

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