Vibrant Wedding In Pattaya With Stunning Wedding Outfits


Vibrant wedding in Pattaya with stunning wedding outfits



Wedding Date
  • 01 December 2019
  • Destination Wedding
  • Hindu
  • Pattaya
  • Winter

The Story

We love vibrant hues and this wedding is all about elegant and vibrant colours with stunning outfits, décor and wedding theme. Their wedding outfits were beautiful with traditional and quirky look. When it comes to their wedding décor, it was all about pink details with beautifully designed initials of their names even the bride’s kaleere were adorned with their initials. After their all the wedding rituals both the bride and
groom put on their party outfits and danced on the tunes of upbeat music with their family and friends.

From the groom: Well are families initially connected Me (Puneet) and Nikita through an online matrimonial which I know sounds pretty boring but as soon as we did connect we realized that each other was exactly the person I have been looking for a while, at the time I was on my holidays in the US and she was at home in India, from the very first day we were on the phone for 22 hrs a day despite of the different time zones. Thank god to all my training as a commercial pilot (Etihad Airways) to stay awake for all those hours. A few weeks later I managed to make a day trip to Mumbai, she came down too and we finally met, sparks flew and the rest is history.

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