Tushar & Taylor's Wedding At Jaypee Green Golf Resort, Greater Noida


Tushar & Taylor's Wedding at Jaypee Green Golf Resort, Greater Noida



Wedding Date
  • 07 December 2019
  • Daytime Wedding
Destination Wedding
  • Noida
  • Winter

The Story

Taylor and Tushar met in Chicago through Taylor’s twin sister and her husband (who Tushar went to college with), you see keeping it all in the family. Tushar has been living in the States for several years and term it destiny that the two are together today. Little did the world know that Taylor had a soft corner for Tushar since a long time. Taylor has an identical twin sister and once her twin sister tried to prank Tushar as only a few close ones could differentiate between the two, but it seemed Tushar and Taylor’s journey had already been started. As the two spent more time with the common group of friends, their fondness of each other grew organically. From long walks by the beach to hogging paneer makhni like a pig, from looking at fancy watches to buying random little things to impress one another, they both involuntarily wanted to carve out more time for each other. As the relationship grew, Taylor and Tushar love and affection grew along-with as they got more aligned emotionally and spiritually. Tushar became deeply attracted to Taylor being a child at heart, so pure and clean like a fresh gulab jamun while Taylor admired Tushar’s positive and grounded outlook in life. At this point they both subconsciously knew that relationship was turning to a partnership. And with their parents and grandparents blessing they got engaged in the presence of entire family in Delhi in Dec 2018. And then started the months long planning for the wedding!! As they started the Indian wedding playbook they realized it’s quite a daunting task. They always had a picturesque view of the wedding and Shanqh Luxury Events materialized it in every step on the way. The families decided at Jaypee Green Golf Resort as the venue because it offers the perfect culmination of views, open airy spaces, with the vibe of a destination wedding. 

Tushar’s mother, Mrs Niti Sharma was playing the role of the finest mother ever as she did all the theme designing of outfits for the bride and groom and the family. She is extremely particular and involved totally in planning the wedding right from shopping, to menus to recipes. Infact, the couple had left it in their mothers hand to decide everything with the planners. As a fun fact, the photographers got confused between Taylor and her twin sister at the opening event and clicked more photos of her twin sister as they got confused if she was the bride. Ever since the two wore totally separate colors so they could be differentiated by the color of their outfits.

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