Ssthit & Dipika's Wedding In Holiday Inn Resort, Goa


Ssthit & Dipika's Wedding in Holiday Inn Resort, Goa



Wedding Date
  • 04 February 2020
  • Beach
  • Punjabi
  • Marwari
Destination Wedding
  • Goa
  • Winter

The Story

From the Bride - 2009 - Ssthit and I had just shifted to Delhi from our respective home towns for college. We were both in different colleges.  One fine day, we met at my college fest through a common friend. Since then we started spending so much time together. Lunching and dining together, exchanging text messages everyday, talking about our days. Our favourite song was Love story by Taylor Swift. He always played that song in his car. But we were Just Friends, like really, Just Friends. And just like that we stopped talking, moved on with our lifes I guess. Ssthit just remained a sweet memory.

2016 - Christmas day. I was at a Christmas party with my friends at Haus Khaz. That’s  where it happened. DESTINY !! LUCK !! There he was standing in front of me !! My Ssthit !! We met again after almost 6 years !! Sheer luck. Two friends who were strangers to each other. It all began with the most affectionate hug. We left the party to take a stroll at the fort, Hand in Hand. Little did we know, that that walk would lead us to our Forever, A journey of a life time.
I found love when I was just not looking for it.

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