Shubahm & Charu's Wedding At Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Karjat


Shubahm & Charu's Wedding at Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Karjat



  • Royal Wedding
  • Hindu
  • Baniya
Destination Wedding
  • Maharashtra
  • Summer

The Story

From the Bride - 

How and when did they first meet ?

I still remember being one of those girls who was always fickle minded about the concept of destiny, after all at 20, you are too young to submit to an idea that everything is somewhat planned and written. I was studying in Pune and Shubham and I had friends in common, so we first met in a friend’s Farewell party and thats how it all started. We got more connected through social media, then i shifted to Delhi for my internship and in the last few days in Delhi suddenly a message popped up “lets catch up” and finally we met in personal. We exchanged our numbers, and after that we ended up talking all night. Which was followed by talking for almost more than a year. We both could feel the connection but we were too stubborn to admit it because we both were from different states. But as they say you don’t decide who to fall in love with it just happens on its own especially when you least expect it. 

How did they decide that S/he is the right person ?

I always wanted a self-made Man for me, and I can see that in Shubham. He has worked upto it to acheive it because whatever he has, he has made it himself being so young. Despite of all we were ready to face all the challenges which came across in our life for us to be together.

In case of love marriage, who asked whom out, and how long did it take to convince him or her?
I asked him first. But after we met in delhi, we met couple of times but on 1st june I came to oune to attend his parent’s 25th anniversary and that’s when he introduced me to his family. And now we share the same engagment day with our parents.

What do they like most about each other?

Shubham - he is one person who will do anything just to make me smile his caring nature and love towards everyone melts my heart
Charu - She is a person who has a very different motive in life. She has made my every small moment special and filled with happiness. She cares alot, and she is possessive too. She is the one to add a smile to my each and every second of life!

What were your reactions when you saw each other for the first time ?

Shubham - When i saw her for the first time. I knew “ITS DEFINATELY HER” as she was looking so beautiful and once we had a word I was sure that it can be her who could be my all time FAVOURITE!
Charu - when i saw him for the first time i was so impressed with his party vibes and gentlemen behaviour that somehow I knew he was the one 

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