Shivani Weds Karan Grand Indian Wedding Leela Palace Jaipur


Shivani Weds Karan Grand Indian Wedding Leela Palace Jaipur



Wedding Date
  • 06 June 2022
  • Royal Wedding
  • Hindu
Destination Wedding
  • Jaipur
  • Summer

The Story


The couple chose the stunning palatial property The Leela Palace Jaipur for their dream wedding. The hotel's pristine white and blue architecture and rugged mountain views beyond were an idyllic setting for the perfect wedding.


The couple's vision for their celebration was infused with their unique personalities and tastes, and to bring it to life they teamed up in the acclaimed team of A Cube Project. Talking about their experience, they share, “Words cannot describe how we felt about the decor, it was so dreamy and absolutely breath-taking. From their unique themes and intricate designs to their dedicated attention to detail and our taste, each event was so beautiful and carefully designed. Ambika and her team are absolute Rockstar's. Despite so many obstacles at the last minute, they managed it and realized our perfect wedding. Choosing The Cube Project was the best decision we made"

They also signed The Wedding Salad and WhatKnot to capture their moments in stunning shots and videos.


The festivities kicked off with a vibrant poolside Mehndi event called 'Kantha Amor'! Inspired by the idyllic beauty of Capri, one of the couple's favourite holiday destinations, the brunch function mixed the colourful influences of the Italian countryside with intricate kantha stitch details sourced from local bazaars. Vibrant pink creeper flowers and exotic purple blooms were interspersed with yellow, hand-woven and embroidered curtains, cushions, stools and more, painting a colorful picture against the hotel's pristine white architecture and rugged mountain backdrop.


The regal facade of the hotel was the perfect setting for the 'Ishq Sufiyana' themed Sangeet night, which inspired its decor from the majesty of the Hawa Mahal and the crafts and aura of the Middle East. Carpets, rugs, accent pillows and throws added a touch of contemporary style to the grey-white, silver and blue backdrop of the property. Satisfying the couple's penchant for all things luxury, candles, hanging lamps and fairy lights cast a soft, ethereal glow throughout the evening, while cream curtains fluttering gently in the breeze completed the setting for the intimate party.


Aptly named 'Jaipur Galli', the traditional Haldi feature has been designed with a modern twist inspired by Shivani's love for the local flavors of Jaipur. Soft, printed linens and mismatched colors were used to create bohemian seating alongside hand-painted trunks, brass vases and bright florals and earthy props.


Seeking inspiration from the majestic beauty of the Char Bagh Gardens, Shivani and Karan's wedding was innately regal with a hint of old-world charm. The extensive hotel lawns were divided into four segments with different types of seating for guests. Plush crimson drapes alongside traditional Indian flowers create a rich setting complete with vintage brass and silver accessories, candles, flowers and more. The play of lights with a mix of diya jaalis, fairy lights and chandeliers added an ethereal glow, the floral mandap towering high against the stunning palatial backdrop of the hotel.

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