Pulkit & Binny's Wedding In The Palms Town And Country Club, Gurugram


Pulkit & Binny's Wedding in The Palms Town and Country Club, Gurugram



Wedding Date
  • 12 March 2020
  • Traditional Wedding
  • Punjabi
  • Baniya
Destination Wedding
  • Gurgaon
  • Summer

The Story

From the Bride - We met through common friends. We never had a regular date. All our dates had something which neither of us felt before and I never knew that those dates will lead us here to our wedding. When I met him first time, it didn't feel our first meet. It felt eternal and he made efforts to understand my darkest fears and shattered past. Ever since we started dating, we met each other almost every day. We had our share of fights like regular couples but we overcame and learnt from them like super couples (If that is even a concept). He met my mom first and my mom liked him instantly. She told me that he had a positive vibe. I gave him a beautiful surprise on his birthday and his birthday celebration became a reason for my introduction to his family. After a couple of weeks, his mom called me to meet her and I was nervous to core as if I am going for my final board exams. However, her mom also liked me instantly. He told me that she found me full of positivity, confidence and poise. Our families had different set of expectations for their son in law/daughter in law, we were from different field and there was no way we would have met in the regular setting of the world.  I mean it just happened. Everyone was surprised to know how different we are. He is a baniya and i am a punjabi. Even our families are amazed that certain factors which they considered earlier as important ones did not matter now. Maybe that was the power of our love that everyone just melted into it. We are now a big round ball of love wherein everyone loves each other with no reservations at all. He always calls me his soulmate and now I believe in the concept of soulmates as I found mine.

When it comes to planning my wedding i had everything planned out so i just implemented everything according to it. I shortlisted everything I would do and buy on my wedding. I had chosen the kind of jewellery and clothes i would wear on each of my functions and even shortlisted the designers and places I would buy them from. So, I bought my wedding lehenga from Asiana Couture which I loved instantly (it was love at first sight) and my jewellery is from Raabta by Rahul. I have always been keen on buying my wedding jewellery from Raabta by Rahul because I love their jewellery. Their jewellery is traditional as well as authentic. I bought my very vibrant and gorgeous haldi lehenga from Liz Paul. I wore a very beautiful pale pink lehenga that i bought from Mehar, Chandni Chowk. My sangeet’s outfit was a fuschia pink lehenga from Vvani Vats. I chose Kanika Chanda as I loved the work that she did before. She is a very humble person and I loved her work. She gave me such glamorous looks that I was so happy.

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