Prakul & Harleen's Wedding At La Cabana Beach & Spa, Ashvem Beach, Mandrem, Goa


Prakul & Harleen's Wedding at La Cabana Beach & Spa,  Ashvem Beach, Mandrem, Goa



Wedding Date
  • 22 February 2020
  • Destination Wedding
  • Punjabi
  • Baniya
Destination Wedding
  • Goa
  • Winter

The Story

From the Bride - It all started with a chicken leg piece.We both started our career with the same company on the same day as complete strangers. The first time we talked was during lunch break sitting with a group of people. He was happy to know that I was non vegetarian as most of the people around us were vegetarians. One day I was in the office with very few people around. I wanted to operate a printer which was located near to his seat. That was the day I talked to him for the second time. When I was about to leave he asked me out for chicken dinner. That was the first time some guy so openly asked me out. I didn’t know how to react so went to a friend and asked what to do. She said to say yes and that she will accompany me. That day I took 2 friends with me who were vegetarians. They just sat and we ate our first meal together.It was just the beginning. We both love to explore food. We have explored many famous non veg spots in Delhi together. This is how chicken meals made us chicken buddies.We started spending time together. From grocery shopping to fashion shopping. I am crazy about shopping and he is the only one who can enjoy my craziness. We have spent more than 10 hours a day shopping and eating in a mall. This is how we became best buddies.In 2k17, I went to Europe on a business trip. He wasn’t with me. I realised there that he is the only one who can tolerate me by making it seem enjoyable. It was the first time that I missed him so much.Once I was back, we went to my hometown together with one more friend. My brother who is 7 years younger to me liked him and without my saying a word about what I feel about him, my brother acted as a cupid and made our journey step forward.From chicken buddies to best buddies to life partners is our journey.

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