Kunal & Sonam's Wedding At Avadh Utopia Vapi, Gujrat


Kunal & Sonam's Wedding at Avadh Utopia Vapi, Gujrat



  • Traditional Wedding
Destination Wedding
  • Gujarat
  • Winter

The Story

Sonam and Kunal met each other during their college days. Later, a couple of friends, set them up and voila! they slowly started falling for each other. That's how they embodied their love that empowered them to be each other's better half

About the wedding:

The wedding was a grande two day Gujarati affair at Avadh Utopia,Vapi. It all started with the smell of henna wafting in the air as the Mehendi function took over everyone. The winter night was filled with energetic dance performances at the Sangeet function and as a new day begun the next morning, it was time for Sonam and Kunal to step into a new life together as, "we" and their photo booth truly captured the essence of the day as it said, "We Decided On Forever"; indeed they did. The night welcomed the couple in a warm embrace as, nothing else could seize the happiness & love in the air better than a Sufi night. As, the festivities were coming to an end, the couple then lived happily ever after.

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