Gaurav & Ekta's Wedding At Imperial Banquets, Vashi


Gaurav & Ekta's Wedding at Imperial Banquets, Vashi



  • Traditional Wedding
  • Sindhi
Residential Wedding
  • Mumbai
  • Winter

The Story

From the Bride - As far as first-meeting stories go, ours could get no better! They say if two people are meant for each other, they will always find their way back to each other. We’ve been neighbours for the longest of time and there were some sparks back in 2009 but the immature kids in us let things slide. We lived our own separate lives leading our own journeys without realizing that in 2015, our
destination was the same. With no communication for 6 years, it was almost impossible to rekindle anything. But despite the years that passed by, it was hard not to fall for each other. It all started through walking past each other in the colony, hearing about each other through neighbors and the building events where we would bump into each other, not speak and yet feel that something is there and the candle was still burning. We then went on multiple dates where most of the time it was him forcefully taking me to places he doesn’t enjoy like Movie Theaters, Carter Road, Japanese restaurants but still we couldn't get enough of each other. After countless dates, he finally proposed me in 2016 and it just felt right, nothing could stop it and it was so natural. I’ve always dreamt of my perfect wedding but he was what made it perfect. Its funny how we lived right across each other for the longest time, but never ever imagined that we would get married one day. We fight alot and we annoy each other every day, but we are best friends and we are one family and that’s all that matters. Gaurav and I faced a lot of situational challenges in the relationship from the get-go, but the love we felt for each other never let anything deter from building a life together He will always be my Guapa (handsome) and ill always be his Chica (young women) ??


My wedding planning was a little bit of both stressful as well as smooth. There were a lot of close family members and friends who help me planned our entire wedding. For me the photographer, makeup and hair artist were the main important things that I personally wanted to focus on myself. My MAMI, who has been my savior, takes the best decision for me, makes the best choice in everything. She was the one who helped me in most of the things. She was the one who helped me choose all my wedding outfits, my jewellery and my wedding card as well. WITHOUT HER THIS WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE.Gaurav  When it came to venues and negotiations, my Masi is the best one for this. I left the venues, food, alcohol all to her as she is just the perfect one to get it done the right way . The ideas for my outfits came from multiple celebrities, designers and my own thoughts put together is where I decided the outfits. The décor for the wedding was something me and my husbands thoughts were all clubbed together and decided. My Mehendi décor, I was looking for something different, simple and which was somewhat like a DIY. My best friend Sneha Karamchandani was the one who planned and designed the entire décor for this function At the entrance, we kept a cycle which was wrapped with genda phool flowers and had a couple of pinwheels. At the back seat of the cycle we had kept a tray filled with bindi where each guest could pick and choose the bindi they liked. The backdrop had multi-colored tassels along with parrots which was made from paper and a board which said “Dulhaniya”. Each table had a recycled bottled which was painted in different colors and had two pinwheels along with a parrot. We had couple of mini shamiyanas which were used for the guests to apply mehendi. Each shamiyana had yellow and green drapes with some genda phool along with a kite shaped hanging. We also called for a guy who would do live making of bangles for each guest while the function was on.

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