Arohit & Samridhi's Wedding In Allahabad


Arohit & Samridhi's Wedding in Allahabad



Wedding Date
  • 12 February 2020
  • Traditional Wedding
  • Brahmin
Residential Wedding
  • Allahabad

The Story

A grand regal wedding took place in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh that left the city in awe with the grandeur and the unmatched hospitality. The two entrepreneurs Arohit and Samridhi tied the knot in a 4-day event that was attended by all the big names in UP politics. 

The engagement was on a boat in the middle of a pool, with lights and flowers, the couple got engaged in a dreamy setup. The next to come was a cake the city had never seen- an upside down cake by @buttercupbungalow . The sisters got the couple a chandelier cake all the way from Lucknow that was hanged on a huge flower ring. DJ Pia, one of the most in-demand DJs from New Delhi played all night to bring life to the cocktail.

The Haldi of #Suroo was a traditional ceremony, on the terrace of Karwariya Bhawan. Decorated with drapes and all things cultural, it was a sight to behold

A Bollywood themed Sangeet! The bride wore a red outfit and all her siblings and cousins wore white outfits that made their group performance look like a fairy tale. There were competitions of karaoke, dances and couple games between the Bride team and the Groom team where the winners got super cool trophies. 

The biggest wedding the city had seen, a gathering of more than 25,000 people and a jaimaal so grand that it could be seen from high above the sky. The jaimaal of #Suroo was all kinds of magnificent and marvellous. There were fireworks that lit up the entire city and the couple looked surreal. Though the pheras were closed and traditional, fulfilling all the rituals to the fullest of the kanyadaan. 

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