An Elegant Wedding With The Bride In Outfits Worth EYEING AT


An elegant wedding with the bride in outfits worth EYEING AT



  • Traditional Wedding
  • Punjabi
  • Summer

The Story

From the bride

Their Story: A letter to my love


Mr. Singh,

How did I get so lucky? I have a smile on my face and feeling nothing but happiness and gratitude while writing this.
How did I get so lucky to have you in my life.A guy who loves me for the imperfect person that I am. 

Four years ago, I never realized what an incredible journey we were embarking upon together. That single random message on Skype turned into a life time love song. You have given me the love story I imagined. Thank you for this love story!

Your Future Wife,

Almost Mrs Singh.

(Now Mrs. Singh Already)

Real struggle for that perfect lehenga

Smriti always wanted a royal blue lehenga with mirror work for her sangeet night. She searched almost everywhere but couldn't find that perfect one for her special day. After searching for so many months, her mom told her" why don't you design it ? You have always designed so many of our dresses then why not try it for yourself?" It was a very difficult thing to actually design your own lehenga without any designer. So what they did next was finding a local designer in Benaras. She searched for the fabric with the same exact color in her mind and designed it on a paper first. She had to literally do a patch work and show what is in her mind. Then the designer did the mirror work on the fabric and then it was custom tailor made for her. And we can freely say that this lehenga is really special to Smriti. 

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