Abhishek & Jaisel's Wedding At King’s Abode, Ranakpur


Abhishek & jaisel's Wedding at King’s Abode, Ranakpur



Wedding Date
  • 30 November 2019
  • Royal Wedding
  • Marwari
Residential Wedding
  • Ranakpur
  • Winter

The Story

From the Bride - We met at the temple six years ago and later on became best friends. He suddenly asked me out at a college fest and I told a no. In anger he just left me alone at the fest and went back home.I started developing feelings for him but he reduce talking to me and meeting me like we use to do before he asked me out I kept trying but he wouldn’t respond to anything so after 6 months I had asked him out on his birthday and he was playing for sunburn at goa I called him and texted him a lot of times that day after calling him back to back he picked the called and told me I’m playing at the set once I get free I’ll call you. He knew I had started liking him after I had told a no to him at the college fest. So after he finished playing he called me and first thing he got pissed and told me he was playing and the text and calls disturb him. I apologised to him for my mistake and told him I had to meet him and wanted to talk on something important. He was very happy knowing that I had feelings for him but he wanted me to confront him. So I thought let me try asking him out once more and told him to meet me. He picked me up and we went on a long drive. We stopped at the highway and I asked him out, he told me a no again. I got down from the car to take a view of the beautiful spot where we had stopped. He called me in and there he was with a cake and a beautiful diamond ring waiting for my YES!!!! 5.02.16 was the day we both always cherish and it is indeed very special to us.

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