A Royal Wedding With Amazing Themes And A Wonderful Love Story


A Royal Wedding With Amazing Themes And A Wonderful Love Story



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Destination Wedding
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The Story

So their beautiful love story started from when Nitika came to the US for her Masters and made a real good friend (Akshay) who is like family and Rishabh is a childhood friend of that guy. No idea of what was going on between these two and that too him and Rishabh being in 2 different states in the US. He flies from Texas to Illinois during spring break to meet him and we just meet for 2-3 mins and that mutual friend introduces them to each other and she left for her vacation to California. And then the love story starts where the girl has no idea of what is going on, but Rishabh had his thoughts well settled and had decided what he wants for life.

Then the fun starts where Akshay just kept Rishabh looping in on every conversation with Nitika, conference calls, sharing pictures and what not. Nitika was still cluelessand she graduated and started working in a different city and then finally after 6-7 months they both spoke to each other on phone directly without any conference calls with Akshay being in frame and that too because of another love story (Akshay's) on the rounds. He would then just try and have any random conversations with her as stupid as asking chutney and khichdi recipe (which obviously he had no interest in cooking)
Then finally came the day when he told Nikita his feelings that took over the phone and they had not met again after that 2-3 mins swift introduction And somehow without even meeting him everything felt in place and then Destiny took her to his state Texas for her new job and that was it :)


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