A Jodhpur Wedding With The Perfect Blend Of Traditionality And Modernity!


A Jodhpur Wedding With The Perfect Blend Of Traditionality And Modernity!



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The Story

Janki and Falgun wedding in the city of lakes was a whole grand and glam affair! All the palaces played the beautiful and perfect backdrop for a wedding that redefined royal!Their first meeting was a setup encounter that blossomed into mutual love and admiration for a lifetime. 

They both wanted an intimate royal wedding with their closed ones within a beautiful city. They had their three days wedding celebration at Indana Palace Jodhpur. It was a sheer celebration of the love they share! Their wedding had a perfect blend of traditional and unconventional wedding events, which struck a good and amazing balance. A lot of thought was put behind the decor element but they wanted it to be subtle yet have the elegant wedding vibe. A unique entry for each of the functions was planned very beautifully - from the open rickshaw entry for the Mehndi, to the walking by the carnival girls followed by a dreamy couple dance before the ring ceremony. 

WeddingPlanning:We wanted something that was relatively intimate, filled with the people we truly love. Our wedding was more than perfect and everything I could have ever asked for. It was the constant support and curiosity of both the families, the way we took this up, researched and finalised every small detail. There wasn’t a day where we did not discuss on how to make it large. We wanted to make it as elegant and royal it could be, yet have a unique theme to each of the festivities. From talking long hours on a daily basis, to actually selecting the vendors, it’s not many brides-to-be do. And I take pride in that.


The best part about the team was their energy and commitment to the work. It was a real pleasure to have him photograph us. What the families liked was their attitude. They didn’t have any demands and were there from the crack of dawn into the wee hours. Words don’t do justice to all the beauty that their work represents. Those who could not attend the wedding told us they felt like they witnessed it all in person just by looking at the photographs.


Jay and his team at New Click Events did a great job. The execution was on point, and everything turned out to be exactly the way I’d imagined. Each setting felt like a dream, and it just kept getting better. 


It was Anuj and his team at Velvet events who ensured the smooth coordination for all the wedding events. We had a few couple of events locally, and his part was always on point. They were extremely patient in the whole process and worked really hard to make it a smooth run. 


In my opinion, food and hospitality are two of the most important factors that contribute to a successful wedding, and this property extended the best of both. It worked perfectly for Us with the amount of rooms we wanted. Saurabh and Amit were for us, round the clock. 

Advice from bride and groom:Have a solid team you can rely on. You need to relax as you approach the big day. Don’t stress, and do not forget that once the madness is over, it is just the two of you at the end of it all. This is once in a lifetime event, and makes the most of it. Enjoy your wedding!

Favourite Moment:To pick a favourite moment from this entire celebration, is honestly too difficult. However, if I had to, it was during the pheras that Falgun had planned a surprise. He decided to lit the whole courtyard with cold pyros. Approximately 200 pyros were used at the same time. The moment I took the first step for the Pheras the whole palace was lit, there were vedicslokas echoing and our friends and families were showering blessings and love and I felt like I am the most lucky and prettiest bride. Thankyou Falgun for this beautiful surprise!

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