A Gorgeous Jodhpur Wedding With The Bride In Pretty Pink Lehenga


A gorgeous Jodhpur wedding with the bride in pretty pink lehenga



  • Destination Wedding
  • Hindu
  • Summer

The Story

It was purely love at first sight ( not seeing each other in person), but when they received each others bio-data. The 1st time they fell in love with each other was over a piece of paper and 3 sets of pictures. It was magical. They dated for less than a year before they got married, around 10 months. Mital, born and bought up in New Jersey comes to Vadodara, India in 2011 to play  cricket professionally and decides to settle down in Vadodara. Aditi, born and bought up in Vadodara, India having a green card since her childhood, decides to give her green card up and settle in India. 

Tell me this wasn’t meant to be? 

Mital proposed to Aditi on her 27th Birthday in India, just 3 months after they first met. Mital went down on his knees in front of both the families, Aditi couldn't have asked for a better birthday.

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