Why Do You Not to Choose Makeup?


The makeup industry has been telling women for years that how a little foundation and dash of mascara can ruin up your face instantly. While that may be true, applying makeup day to day can have several harmful after effect on your skin and body.
On the contrary, going all natural made me feel sexier and more enthusiastic.
To all you girls that do love wearing makeup, I mean no discourtesy. However, here are some reasons where you shouldn't put makeup daily.
Most of the makeup you wear is destructive.
Unfortunately, a lot of them do contain toxic substances that get instantly absorbed by your skin and which will harm your inner layer and it constantly harm your skin. Popular cosmetics ingredients such as sodium benzoate, propylene glycol and a number of other acids cause allergic reactions on most skin types.
Secondly, If you wear makeup all day, some of it will inevitably seep into your skin pores, causing them to enlarge and result in acne and blemishes.
Thirdly, It is a common side effect of makeup that most women would have experienced. Your skin is as much a part of your body like other organs. It also needs to breathe, grow and glow. When you cover your skin with makeup, you also end up obstructing it. Some types of makeup which are in the form of liquids and creams block the pores in your skin. This results in the formation of blackheads, which when not cleaned on the regular bases it can form acne. So make sure you clean your makeup every day with a natural cleanser before going to bed.
Eye makeup is used tremendously even by women who don't use heavy makeup. But it's important to remember that your eyes and the skin around them are the most sensitive area of your face. Layers of eye makeup can be harmful to your eyes as it also slips into your eyes through the corners causing irritation. Too much mascara and eyeliner obstruct the growth of eyelashes and also becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which could lead to irritations and infections.
When you use skin products for a longer period of time, the chemicals present tend to gradually damage your skin. With time, you could begin to see skin ageing signs like wrinkles or patchiness on your face and body. While makeup does help you hide or cover flaws in your skin, the long-term effects could be inefficient. Also, cosmetic companies have no incentive to diminish the ageing effects of makeup.

Skin products like sunscreens, moisturizers, toners, Primer, foundation, BB cream and creams contain agents that bleach or darken the skin. Cosmetic products that use poor quality ingredients which have not been synchronized can lead to skin fade. The side effect could be patches, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, redness, and wrinkles. Though your skin is meant to protect you, it is also very delicate and needs to treated with care. So try to avoid using chemical products for your daily skincare routine.

Using chemical based cosmetics on day to day life can have mischievous effects on your skin and could even lead to permanent damage. The best way to escape from these side effects of makeup is by reducing the use of cosmetics and switching to natural or herbal products. And always keep in mind while purchasing you must read the label for harmful chemicals and ingredients of the product.
“Always Remember, your looks do not define who you are. You are better than without applying anything and you are gorgeous and be proud the way you are”
finally, Ditching the mindset that your self-confidence depends on your makeup, you will start building it up on the right principles: self-esteem, optimization, Positivity and self-confidence.