So it’s your wedding day and those minute details have been planned to the day. From flowers to the ‘mandap’, everything has been struck off your wedding planning checklist – but hey, what about those all-important wedding invitations card? Chances are, you have already planned yours but if you want to add that extra edge of quirkiness and individuality to a linear piece of information which will look WOW. Unique wedding invites are all rage and time and again we come across some very quirky wedding invitation card styles that leave us amazed Every.Single.Time! Right from cassette style inserts to a snake-ladder wedding invite—we have seen them all and spoilt you for choice with a sack full of various options. However, not even in our wildest dreams, we could ever think of a toolbox as a wedding invitation box; but only before we saw this extraordinarily unique wedding invitation cards. We suggest checking out some cool wedding invites below for the best inspiration. So what are you waiting for? Just scroll down and see the latest and unique wedding invitations style!

A scroll for the wedding invites!

Like a CD
Want your wedding invite to play like a wonderful short film? If yes, then definitely consider getting your desired design imprinted on the CDs.

Like a Doodle Drawing
Take your love for cheeky classroom doodles and funky sketches to the next level by showcasing important information about your love story through these quirky drawings.

Like a Restaurant Menu
If you have multiple wedding details that you want to fit into just one invitation card, try the efficient restaurant ‘menu’ design option which will look unique.

Octagon Shape

Like Traditional Trends
If you like to wear your significant traditions and beliefs on your sleeve, then do consider incorporating them.

Like Pop Art
Bring your love for Lichtenstein (comic book style words) to your wedding invites through these fun pop art inspired designs.

Like a Game Box
Can anything get kitschier than designing your own wedding invites that is similar to your favourite family board games? What’s more, these can also double up as great past time activities also.