Unique and Fun Mehndi Related Games To Keep Your Guests Entertained!


Beautiful henna, pretty clothes, lots of dancing and some fun mehndi related games; these are the essential elements that will complete the mehndi ceremony. Mehendi is, without any doubt, the best and memorable wedding event. All you are expected to do on this special occasion is to have fun but how will you do that without some interesting and unique mehndi games? It is true that women will be more interested in getting their henna done but what about all the men? Also, not everyone will sit for the mehndi at the same time. There should be some games and masti for everyone so that nobody gets bored. So what are you waiting for just scroll down and see the best and unique mehndi ceremony related games to have some twist and fun at the ceremony!

Gigantic Board Games
As kids, everyone loved playing board games. You can give your childhood love for board games a unique twist for your mehndi. Order gigantic games like snakes and ladder, checkers or chess and play with your guests. You can even use your friends as bowling pins and smash them with a humongous softball.

Paper Dance
Indian television has proved that paper dance is one game that brings people closer! Not only is it fun to watch people twisting like dolls on a piece of paper but you can actually play cupid for others. Get all the prospective couples together on one piece of paper and hope that the Cupid’s bow hits them.

Tug of War
It is going to be actual fun when the ladkiwale and ladkewale gather for tug of war. This fun mehndi game will be full of love, laughter, and nastiness.

Water Fight
If you are hosting a pool party and even if not then, water fight can be one unique mehndi game. Introduce your wedding guests to this entertainment and fun fight and see your mehndi ceremony turning into laughter and full of happy chaos.

An Intense Jenga Match
Jenga is one intense game to incorporate at your mehndi ceremony. We are sure this game will attract more guests than the queue for the mehndi.

Beer Pong
For the booze lovers at your mehndi ceremony, this will be the best fun game to incorporate. With just two-three drinks all will concentrate on throwing the ball in the beer glasses. So, just start preparing.

The Wedding Shoe Game
Mehendi will be fun if you roast the couple, what say? And, nothing is better than the wedding shoe game. Put up funny and teasing questions to the couple and how funny the ceremony gets.

Ring Toss Game
This fun mehndi game will make your wedding guests nostalgic. And, we assure this will be better than the one you used to play in your childhood.