Trending Mehendi Designs for the Brides!


Bridal mehndi designs today are going through a big makeover too. A millennial bride’s mehndi design today consists of awe-inspiring art, which is a trendsetter in itself also.
We have been seeing a lot of latest mehndi designs which are either over-the-top personalized ones with brides telling their stories through it or going completely minimalistic with nothing but a mandala pattern in it which looks really amazing. These easy mehndi designs completely jazz up your bridal portrait, making them sight for sore eyes!
If you too are on a lookout for something different and unique than the conventional henna designs, then we’ve got you covered! We have compiled a list of the latest and beautiful mehndi designs - some oh-so-awesome, some modern and some classic for the brides.
So what are you waiting for just scroll down and see the latest mehndi designs.

Include your dear pet in your henna design. We love how this bride got a picture of her pup as a part of her mehndi design. Her dog bestie is just too cute to handle!

Are you a minion fan? Then you are going to go gaga over how this bride got minions in her mehndi design.

How about getting your favorite poetry included in your mehndi design? We say ‘totally romantic’!

If you find it hard to express your love for him in just 2 lines, then get the whole love note included in your mehndi design, sister! We are totally eyeing this creative yet simple way of incorporating a heartfelt message in the mehndi design!

Noticed the right palm of this bride already? Yes, the bride actually got her groom’s portrait etched in her mehndi design. 

If you can’t decide which design you wanna go for in your bridal mehndi, then you can also layer them all. We are guessing these brides were spoilt for choices!

If you’re a tad too crazy about your baraat, then get your whole baraat and doli scene included in your mehndi design.

Including your romantic proposal scene in your mehndi design is pretty cool too - just include the proposal location or any other memorable aspect of it in your mehndi design.

Lattice or jali has been a traditional form of mehndi from the Mughals and the Rajput period. After all this time, they remain a classic and are still a popular choice for all the millennial brides.

How cool is this mehndi design that looks like you're wearing jewellery? You can get a design that very closely resembles a bracelet or an anklet.