Trending Hairstyles for this wedding season


1.    Big bold flowers for a big bold bridal bun

The most famous Indian celebrity bride of the recent times, Anushka Sharma too had selected for this bridal hairstyle at her destination wedding. 

2.    Let the bridal bun shine on a grand day

The way two different colored flowers have been used here together for adding different textures and colors to an Indian bridal hairstyle is absolutely amazing.

3.    Dainty String of Flowers Adorning Bridal Hairstyle

If you are blessed with lovely long hairs, then let them go loose and adorn them simply with a delicate and wonderful string of flowers.

4.    Fishtail braid covered with fresh mogras

It was a very unique traditional Indian bridal hairstyle with a beautiful long fishtail braid and a lot of fresh mogras.

5.    Wedding bridal hairstyle with a floral touch

A beautiful twist to wedding hairstyle by tucking in a dupatta made of fresh flowers in her head and we are totally in love with it, as it looks so stunning.

6.    Messy voluminous bride’s braid with highlighted ringlets

There’s nothing beautiful than to show off your long highlighted locks than to let them cascade down your shoulder.

7.    Include gajra to your hairstyle as a clip

 Ideas for some serious bridal hair inspo, we also came across this totally in trend hairstyles majorly done with beautiful gajra. 

8.    French fishtail bridal hairstyle

It’s wonderful how a simple twist can transform the most basic of French fishtail bridal hairstyles into something amazing.

9.    Double fishtail braid

The Double fishtail braid is a unique twist on the normal fishtail braid.

10.    Braided half up- half down hairdo with a floral touch

If you like to keep things uncomplicated, you can go for this half up- half down hairdo for your wedding day.