Trending decoration ideas for your wedding reception!


When at a wedding and related functions, our eyes are always set at the stage only! Right? That’s the place where the man and woman of the hour are expected to be seen and clicked. So, your wedding reception stage decoration should have the best of creativity so that the mandatory selfies, the candid pics of the bride, family portraits, everything is as you expect it to be. You need not depend on your decorator to set the right mood for the marriage stage decoration instead even you can do your bit of planning the stage. Is thinking about wedding reception stage decoration too much of stress with all those wedding planning?? Don’t worry, we are here with some of the best stage decorations ideas that we have spotted this wedding season!
Bored of the same old reception stage at the weddings? Do you want to have an amazingly unique and memorable reception? About which your guests would be talking for the days to come. Then you have come to the right place, as we have some really one of a kind Reception Decor Ideas just for you, which will look just WOW!
At the usual reception, it’s quite a snooze fest for both you and your guests to click hundreds of photographs, exchange pleasantries, and head home… We bring you some ‘hatke’ reception decor ideas to bowl you over!
So what are you waiting for just scroll down and see the latest and unique wedding reception decors that will feast your eyes!

Say Hi to Metallic Shimmers!
If going the uber glam route is your thing, then think no further than metallic overdose for the reception event decor.

This asymmetric arrangement of flowers, this kind of stage decoration is surely a piece of creativity with the dimly lit atmosphere adding to the mood.

The one with the Royal feel, this style of wedding reception stage decoration is for the couples who like it elegant and classy. Less drama, beige colors and intricate detailing that’s all you need!

Hearts in the background? What else if not this? Who wouldn’t want such a background for their wedding reception snaps!

Grandeur! The most innovative wedding reception stage decoration we have come across would definitely be this one. The glittery pillars with the subtle addition of red roses on the top will grab eyeballs! 

When you walk up this beautiful stage, people will be bound to hold the breath and get mesmerized by this stage decor. The satin drapes with two huge bouquets at the corner are a mix of tradition and glamour.

A bit vintage a bit modern, this stage decor is oh-so stylish and on point! The huge shapes in flower showcase a unique style.

Everything is so romantic about this wedding reception stage decoration that it will make the couples fall in love again. This stage décor is stupendous with the uniquely designed chairs adding to its richness!