Tips & Hacks to Hosting the Most Amazing Bachelorette/Bachelor's Party Ever!


All you bridesmaids-to-be! For the unbreakable bond and friendship that you share with your best friend and the overwhelming emotions that you’re entranced with now that she’s getting married, it is only fitting that you’d want to make her feel as special as she really is. And if you desire to organize a bachelor’s party and surprise your bestie bride-to-be in some amazing ways then believe us, you’ve landed in the right place.
We will never let a bride-to-be or even a groom-to-be settle for an average party and to make sure that your party has all the must-haves and that your bachelor party can crush over other bachelor parties, we have come up with a few tips you’ll swear by for years to come!

Organizing a bachelor’s party is undoubtedly a huge undertaking but, with the help of these tips and ideas, we’re sure that you’re going to have one helluva gala time. So just scroll down!

Come Up with the Insane Theme
You won’t be getting married again so it’s time you live your days to the fullest and come up with the craziest and exciting theme for the bachelor’s party. We recommend getting as weird as you can for this special one. Go for themes like ‘Bollywood’ where everybody can be a star for a night or host a ‘Hangover’ likes party where there are just no boundaries, whatsoever. Let your imagination wander and throw a party that makes it down into history. 

Some Mixing will Hurt Nobody
All you alcohol lovers, it’s time to show your real skills for the most amazing party. Come up with new quirky cocktails which are theme-centric. Create mind-blowing LIITs, G&Ts, old-fashioned and what more not. Bring out the real bartender in you to get all the party people to consume copious amount of alcohol because let’s face it; no party is a big hit if people are going to bed sober.

Picture Perfect
Have a quirky photo booth at the cool party and let people get all goofy and wild there. These vintage photo booth photos of the splendid night are the ones that you’re going to reminisce over forever and even your guests would have something to take back from the amazing night. Your party should be in the hearts of all the people who were the part of it.

T-shirts for the bride and her bridesmaids
Whether you want to wear them for your bridesmaids' photoshoot or at the bachelorette night, these customized t-shirts are a sure shot way to add oodles of fun in the pictures! Bridesmaids can also get imprinted different phrases like 'bride squad', 'team bride', 'glam squad', or 'ladkiwaale' to customize these t-shirts.

Line up Interesting Games
The entire idea of a bachelorette is to ease the wedding stress and tensions for the bride. They need to stress-free and games can do wonders to get on that point. Order some naughty games online and plan some innovative treasure hunt, beer pong, never have I ever - through the amazing evening.

Or plan an adventurous road trip
Your bestie might surely be going to have the rest of the road trips with her hubby-to-be but, if she's someone who loves road trips, plan one to her favorite destination before she gets married. Visit the hills and quaint towns, camp around, indulge in adventurous sports and have a thrilling and adrenaline gushing trip to remember for the rest of your lives.

A relaxing spa or aromatherapy sesh
With all the wedding shopping and planning going around, your BFF is bound to get stuck in that circle of excitement and jittery and end up getting stressed out. Gifting her a relaxing spa or an aromatherapy session to calm her nerves and feed her with miracle foods to maintain her glow would be surely one of the best ways to show your love to her.