Time to get Fit before your Wedding


The countdown for your wedding has begun and you can’t wait to arrange everything in a perfect way to make it one indelibly special day. Along with settling those final commitments from getting your wedding dress, selecting your favourite flowers to deciding the best DJ, you need to make one last push to get sure your body is in perfect shape for the upcoming day.

You need to look your best and a good physique would certainly make you look more charming than anyone present at your wedding. Moreover, you certainly don’t want your belly fat to embarrass you on your first night.

You need to gear up with few months in hand and set a simple yet effective routine for your remaining days. Food is the most essential element here. Cut down your calorie-intake, grab onto protein-rich foods and have buckets of water every day.

Hit the bed early at night and get minimum six hours of sleep. Start the day with jogging for approximately 30 minutes. Jogging helps your body get activated for the rest of the day apart from shredding fats and helping you gain a toned body shape.

Get membership in a near-by gym and schedule your evenings there. A 45-minute well-planned workout for 5 days in a week will help you gain strength and the appropriate bulk of muscles to make you look healthier.

After this much hard-work, you won’t mind if your bride makes a surprise hop onto you to land a passionate kiss. By now, you certainly have the required strength to grab her tight.

Happy KISSing !