This Winter Go For An Eccentric Wedding


Winter-weddings are a much anticipated season, the happiest and most romantic time of the year filled with holidays. It’s that time of the year when you finally decide to move a step forward in your relationship and blissfully tie-the-knot with the beloved partner. 
If you are on the verge of planning your fit-fat wedding, here are few essentials you need to alter from an everyday go-to wedding to make yours an Eccentric one : 

Unique Invitation Cards :

Throw away your idea of going for a simple wedding card and think of a design which will give the invitee an idea of what’s about to come. Attach a small chocolate with it to make a gratifying impression. 

 Destination :

 Don’t be a stereotype. Plan such a wedding destination which will leave everyone open-mouthed. A farmhouse with a wintry backdrop far away from the busy city or a cruise or even a wedding well-planned in the forest can make one lose their words

Welcome Surprise :

Surprise everyone present with a welcome or pre-ceremony cocktail. While each and everyone would expect a drink later on, this surprise will certainly make them lighten up for the whole ceremony. 

Light the Lanterns :

Fill the sky with lanterns to frame a spellbound moment in your life. A sweet move ? Needless to say. 

Good Music :

One of the most essential things is to come up with some sublime music to match the scenes of the wedding. Choose wisely as it will be certainly be an add-on to the already-created mood. 

Guest Booth :

This will be an unique experiment in your wedding. Prepare a booth/box which will require the people present in the arena to lock themselves in one by one and record a video wishing the wedded couple best wishes in their own way. 

 Food :

Plan the best dine for your people so that even five years later they would express their craving for that day. Good food along with a toast of wine would end the wedding in a perfect way. 
Winter is here and you need to gear up with your preparations if you want an ever-lasting memory of your wedding ceremony.