Stylish And Modern Ways To Drape Your Bridal Dupatta For A Different And Stunning Look!


For a very long time, Indian brides have been wearing their dupatta in a similar manner only. Well, we strongly feel that it needs to be just changed now. Wearing the bridal dupatta properly is imperative if you want to do complete justice to your bridal wedding lehenga. How you wrap that beautiful piece around yourself can make or break your whole bridal look. So, just for the amazing brides-to-be, here are some unique and different ways to wear a bridal dupatta. And, if you have even the slightest of apprehension in being experimental with your bridal looks, just don’t worry as all these styles are approved by the experts of the fashion world. So what are you waiting for just scroll down and see the most stunning and unique styles of draping your bridal dupatta!

A free Front Flowing drape
If you have a simple dupatta, wear it the way the bride in the image directs. Wrap it up in front just the way you would do with your normal scarf. It is quite similar to the Deepika’s Mastani look. It will create beautiful ripples in front of the outfit. What’s more? This easy style will allow you to move more freely as well.

The glam Belt Style
Wearing dupatta with a belt is becoming a rage- remember Anushka Sharma flaunting this style at her Mumbai reception? You loved every bit of this pretty style when the actress donned this style at her Mumbai reception, didn’t you? And why not! After all, it is a very neat and sharp way of wearing the bridal dupatta and the belt works as the perfect and best accessory. You can let the other end flowing at the back or you can bring it to the side and tuck it in your bridal lehenga. You can also wear this style with a simple shawl or a normal dupatta.

Put it on just One Side for a best contemporary look
The one-side style bridal dupatta drape is very modern, unique and works well if you have it in net or chiffon. As the name is explanatory enough, the whole dupatta is at one side and is either left loose or is tucked diagonally. Our recommendation is to flaunt this style at your engagement or reception ceremony with a blouse in sheer fabric!

The royal Shawl Style
Just pin your bridal dupatta at one end and wrap it up around yourself like a shawl. This breezy style will add more charm to your beautiful and gorgeous princess like movements.

Recreating the Princess Style
It’s your special and grand day and you have got all the rights to feel like a princess on this occasion. So, let your bridal dupatta also give out that princess vibe. Take some inspiration from our celebrity bride Antara Motiwala who flaunted this dupatta draping style at her mehndi ceremony.