Stunning Groom Accessories Spotted On Real Grooms


Grooms, we love you guys too! Yeah, we know we obsess about the brides more, but we haven't forgotten you guys too! Here is the only checklist you'll ever need for your accessories- and we have separated it by Indian and Western wear for your own convenience! You can choose to wear as many as you want! 
The grooms of this wedding season are making a huge statement with stunning, unique and splendid groom accessories. Groom accessories can do wonders in enhancing a groom’s look and giving that extra and perfect touch of royalty and glamour. Believe it or not, a statement piece of groom jewelry can give your attire a depth that you had never just imagined.
Starting from the beloved Sehra to the royal Kalgi, grooms now have a lot of options to choose from including necklaces, sunglasses and what not!

The Quintessential Sehra
A Sehra is a headdress worn by the groom on his wedding day. It has garland hangings that cover the face of the groom. Wearing a Sehra adds royal splendor to the groom’s overall look and also adds an element of mystery as his face is veiled much like the bride’s face. Nowadays, a Sehra is available as strings of zari, pearls, stones, flowers, and other embellishments. Choose one that compliments your outfit.

Safa or Turban is a single piece of cloth wrapped around the head and bejeweled with pretty bling ornaments. It’s an Indian wedding tradition signifying the groom’s respect and it looks royal. A safa is one accessory with which you can experiment a lot with. You can either color coordinate it with the color of your attire or go for a completely different color to set a contrast. You can even choose to go for a solid color safas or printed safas like floral safas.

A Kalgi enhances the beauty and looks of the groom’s Pagdi or Safa. Mother or the sister of the groom pins a kalgi in the turban of the groom as a mark of royalty. Kalgis are available in many designs. Some even have attached feathers and strings of pearls.

Ladi Haar
Hindu kings loved their ladi haars. It is a kind of necklace which is made with different strings of precious and semi-precious stones. Some ladi haars have beautiful pearls as well. These are the male counterparts of raani haars that North-Indian women love to wear. You won’t get over these groom accessories too!

Stylish Sunglasses
Never underestimate the power of a flattering pair of sunglasses. If you are hosting a day wedding then sunglasses should be your one of the go-to groom accessories. They will instantly add glamour to your look.