Some trending and stunning mehndi designs for this wedding season!


There's nothing like enough bridal mehndi designs when you're the bride at your wedding, you are always looking out for fresh and trendy designs for your Mehendi everywhere on the internet which will look amazing. Its time we dig out some new bridal mehndi designs and trends for this wedding season.
Mehendi is not just loved for its beauty; it is an important part of the whole ritual and is believed to bring good luck and happiness to the bride’s life. Mehendi designs as you all know can be as varied as your imagination allows -from traditional motifs to even custom modern designs ones. The one thing that stands true is that most brides want to cover a majority of their hands and arms – it’s the one time they ever will! So for that, we’ve curated the best mehndi designs we love this wedding season.
So all the brides-to-be what are you waiting for just scroll down and check out some trending and most stunning mehndi designs which you can save for your wedding and related ceremonies.

The Beauty of Swirls & Twirls
A swirly design that marks the traces of her palms and polka dots edging its boundaries, this mehndi design is stunning, beautiful and absolutely one of a kind.

The Beautiful Reverse Lotus
We are absolutely in awe of this reverse mehndi masterpiece. The lotus flower motif sits beautifully on this bride's arms and what piques our curiosity is the encircling peacock that marks the center of her palm. 

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
A mirrored finish can start from a basic palm-level mandala design to arm patterns, the fingers to elaborate wrist bands. 

Chadar Heart Design
This mehndi design legit has everything! If you need one thing too many, then this design is the one for you!

Intricate Chadar Design
This design is hands down bridal mehndi goals and we cannot get enough of it! 

Paisley Peacocks
A soulful mix of minimalism and traditionalism, perfect for a bride who is a go-getter

The Detailed Magnificence
Donning the hands of a bride-to-be with henna has been a long living Indian tradition and this henna design proves why!

The Bride & Groom Style
Radha Krishna designs that work to call out the beautiful love segment

Detailed Artwork
Opt for wheels, arches, and domes while you sneak in his name into the intricate design.

The Storyteller Mehndi Design
This go-getter bride got her love story weaved onto her bridal henna. 

Why Fear When Mandala Is Here
A mandala design marks the center of her palm and polka dots trace its boundaries. It is brilliant, beautiful and absolutely one of a kind.

Pretty Chadar Design Carrying a Heart Within
From their stunning and magical yacht proposal to the freedom with which she got her mehndi handcrafted, each element is truly special and is what defines the couple's journey as a whole.

Intricate Ganesh Mehndi Design
If you wear your religion on your sleeve, add it to your bridal mehndi too.

Geometric Jaipuri Mehndi
This is something unique and stunning henna designs for the modern brides.

The Geometric Beauty
A soulful blend of contemporary and classic using geometrical shapes