Real Brides Showing off the Most Unique and stunning Bridal Necklaces!


In this edition, we’ve collected the most exquisite bridal necklaces that have been worn by real brides on their wedding day. The photographers have captured this beautiful essence very well and it truly reflects in these photographs. 
Right from elaborate jewels to fancy bridal accessories and charming floral jewelry, we saw them all being incorporated in the bridal looks of the real brides. Even our celebrity brides didn't step back from giving some major jewelry inspiration this wedding season. While Deepika showed us how one can look effortless even in an all decked-up jewelry avatar, Sonam, on the other hand, brought back the trend of heirloom jewelry trend.
Well, there's so much that has happened around the Indian bridal jewelry scenes in 2018 that we're totally swooning over. So, without further delay, let's take you through some of the best bridal jewelry and accessory trends of this wedding season!

The layers of gold chains make her shine brighter.

This bride’s intense looks has a lot to do with that large polkis encrusted in her necklace!

The detail in the necklace and the way it has been captured by the photographer is fascinating.

The royal look on this bride is making us want the same serenity and poise.

That solid disc of a necklace with tiny sprinkles of precious stones along with the long polki haar is stunning!

That solid gold necklace sits gracefully on the bride’s neck!

The polki with the ivory pearls adds a luscious touch to the crimson bride!

This bride’s temple jewelry decorated with rubies and emeralds is customary!

Those pear-shaped dangling diamond polki is nothing less than a dream!

The traditional choker necklace along with the long chain is embellished with rubies and is truly a showstopper!