Pre-wedding shoots props for the perfect clicks!


A pre-wedding photo shoot is quite a charmer and common these days. Pre-wedding shoots are a rage amongst couples right now. Couples spend a good amount to make it rather filmy, quirky and stunning so that their story can become a hit on Instagram or Facebook. But there are many numerous ways to make your pre-wedding shoot superlatively admirable without spending much. One of them is the use of simple yet cool props that looks wonderful. If you are getting married anytime soon, we are sure that a pre-wedding shoot must be the one thing that would be making you nervous and excited, all at once! Thinking about all those cute poses, coupled with interesting hashtags and oodles of new ideas gives us goosebumps too!
We have come up with a few irresistible and unique pre-wedding photoshoot props you can’t afford to miss.
So just scroll down and check out these amazing props for a perfect pre-wedding photoshoot

Colour Bombs
Colour bombs make the photographs look highly vibrant and full of life. 

Well, this prop is a clichéd one, but is so sensual! Let it become your wings, or let it be your personal space to hide from the world. Get creative with this pre-wedding photo shoot prop.

Ask your photographer to capture vulnerable childish moments with your better half, while on the swings. Swings can be one of the most fun pre-wedding photo shoot props.

Playing cards
Well, this is interesting. Playing cards is a unique prop that can be used (King and Queen) to display the classic personalities of a couple.

If you love to ride bikes and love being outdoors, this is the perfect prop for you. You guys can either ride individual bikes or share a bike, inspired by Bollywood.

Champagne or Wine Bottle
You can include a bottle of Champagne, pose while popping it open or drinking it from each other’s hand. Another option would be to include a bottle of wine. There’s so much that can be done in terms of getting creative.

Rose Petals
Flowers are fresh, roses are romantic, and rose petals should be a must for all Indian couple’s photographs! They are one of the most versatile props you can use for your pre-wedding shoot.

Scrabble letters
If you love playing scrabble, this prop is for you. Even if you don’t like the game, you can still use the letters to spell out magical words like ‘love’ ‘forever’ or ‘together’ and see the magic happen.