Planning to get married? How about a Destination Wedding


The savory delicacies, glittery processions, and fireworks, Indians are renowned for their big fat weddings. Couples yearn for a marriage that is remembered for a lifetime.Destination wedding, a new trend in the list, is one thing which ensures the best of reminiscences from a marriage ceremony. Here is a list of top spots for a majestic destination wedding.


In the city of palaces and lakes dwells the soul of Rajasthan. Udaipur adds a tinge of royal touch to the wedding. A groom may take his procession on a regal elephant while the bride decides to nestle in her palanquin atop an embellished boat. Udaipur provides one an opportunity to relive the days of kings and queens.


It’s not just the place to go on a romantic honeymoon. A lot of couples are deciding to start their married life from the beaches of Goa. A tent by the Arabian Sea, sand fiddling with the feet and waves crooning melodies in the ear, there is simply no substitute to Goa..


This traveller’s paradise is barely hot even in the month of June. The guests can relish the bewitching vistas of the hill while the couple gets hitched. There are plenty of suites and river-facing gardens in Manali.


What better place to get married than God’s own country? Kerala boasts of umpteen resorts skirting the ocean. It offers a lavish retreat from the cacophony of metros. A marriage should start in peace if the calm has to last, isn’t it?