Most gorgeous Rani Haar we spotted on real brides


A wedding is incomplete without bridal jewellery; it’s one of the largest expenses when you are getting married besides your wedding venue and catering. Be it temple jewellery, a gorgeous jadau necklace or something from your grandma’s heirloom, the modern day bride today knows that there’s always a smarter way to do things and look spectacular at the wedding event. Bridal jewellery is just typically lust-worthy. Whether it’s a simple heirloom piece that’s been passed on by the grandmother or an incredible latest design no one’s ever seen before. 
With a wide array of designs & latest styles available, ranging from a satlada to the ones with multiple strings & huge pendants and the one with a broad ghera, these haars perfectly elevate your bridal look giving you that rani feels as the name indicated.
Usually layered with smaller necklaces like chokers or collar necklaces, there still are very different and extremely stylish ways of wearing rani haar that makes it almost every Indian bride's favoured piece of jewellery when out for wedding jewellery shopping. And not to forget how perfectly rani haars go with both sarees and bridal lehengas.
If you too want to wear rani haar on your wedding day and need some inspiration on how to style them then take ideas from this blog, choose your favourite one and go get shopping! So, what are you waiting or just scroll down and see the latest RaaniHaars.

Rani haar with choker neckpieces
One of the most ideal ways of wearing rani haar is by pairing it up with a choker necklace. While a choker neckpiece just fits around your neck, rani haar falls broadly over your chest. This creates a gap between the two necklaces without either of them camouflaging with the other.

Layering up with similar stones and hues
This bride paired up her gorgeous polki and emerald neckpiece with matching rani haar in polki and emeralds wherein the ruby mala & rose pattern adds the perfect definition and gives a perfect bridal look.

Pair those rani haars with collar neckpieces.
Just like chokers, collar neckpieces too are an ideal choice for pairing up with gorgeous rani haars. Collar necklaces encircle your neck from around the collar area and hence, are a better option for the brides who can't stand the fixed grip of a choker.

A unique stringed affair
The broad multiple polki strings outlined with an emerald one are bestowing such princess feels to this beautiful bride's look. We are totally hearting this elegant and wonderful way.

The grandeur of oversized pendants!
Another common type of rani haar that Indian brides love to wear are these stringed beauties with huge pendants. Necklaces having long beaded (stoned) strings or multiple fine-pearl strings attached to large size pendants done in jadau, meenakari, polki or gold are highly favoured ones. For brides who don't want the wide ghera of a neckpiece to camouflage their bridal outfits, these rani haars are the best.

Rani haar with opulence & queen like feels
This statement necklace crafted with uncut diamonds, Japanese cultured pearls & an emerald that Priyanka Chopra wore for her wedding is breathtakingly stunning and a perfect example of wearing rani haar!

An Uncut Diamond and Pale Pink Spinel Choker + A Layered Necklace in Kundan

The Rajput Aadh Rani Haar With Peacock Enamel Work

The Multi-Stringed Pink Precious Gems paired with a Crescent Moon Choker

The Simple Emeralds & Polki Multi-Stringed Rani Haar