Innovative Ideas For Your Wedding Backdrop


The decoration is an important part of any wedding, whether it’s any of the wedding ceremonies, the decoration is something which your guest would be talking about. Not every venue comes with breathtaking views or built-in decor, but you make it look beautiful with amazing decor and wonderful setting. Whether you want to make a backdrop for your wedding stage or photo booth, it gives you an opportunity to add some personal touch to your wedding décor setting and completely elevate your decor. It’s hard to beat an innovative backdrop that makes your photos more special and let your guests have a blast posing in front of it. These are some of the coolest ones we spotted in Indian weddings and the best bit about them. The bride, her friends, some crazy props, and a cool backdrop for your photos to click away as you pose in wonderful style. Here we are with some unique and innovative decors that you can opt. for your wedding and related functions. So what are you waiting for just scroll down and see the latest and most creative décor ideas!

Dramatic Garden Inspired Backdrop
A magical overgrown garden makes for a perfect backdrop. You can also add some taped flowers on it or add some fairy lights to create the perfect sparkle.

Colorful Ribbons and PomPoms
They are fun and look great in photos! Your guests will enjoy being clicked with this décor.

Wooden Cut Frames with Bulbs
You can add chalkboards with it or any another prop to add a dramatic touch to your backdrop!

Monogram Installations
Elevate your backdrop with monogram installations. They don’t only make for a great backdrop but display your hashtag beautifully!

Gota Patti Cut Outs For Your Backdrop
Looking for something a bit traditional for your urban space? Gota Patti is always a great idea!

Whimsical Backdrop
Mix and match kettles, kites, umbrellas, pinwheels, and other creative things to make a beautiful and bright backdrop.

 Floral Chandeliers
Hanging floral chandeliers to a bright solid-colored backdrop makes the display look a little modern.

Tassles and Bulbs as Backdrop
You can follow your wedding color scheme, or experiment with the colors to brighten your wedding space.