Get your Mehendi looks more gorgeous with these floral jewelry ideas!


Jewelry is a girl's best friend and especially when it is made from fresh, colorful, fragrant flowers to say the least. Flowers since the very beginning have been given a special kind of privilege in our culture as they are known to spread fragrance, add different colors to the life of its bearer, known for spreading positivity and goodness in the vicinity they are kept in. Stylish and colorful Floral Jewellery for Haldi and Mehendi ceremony is the latest craze in the town! Every bride wants to adore herself with unique and stunning Floral Jewellery to match their outfits to look outstanding and appealing.
So here we are with some floral jewelry ideas for your mehndi and haldi functions!

Floral Hair Tiaras
Floral hair tiaras are all the rage this wedding season. This ornament makes for one of the most trending floral jewelry trends when it comes to Haldi ceremonies. For a breezy and chic look, you can adorn a tiara that fits perfectly well with your gorgeous hair.

Floral Jewellery Set
From floral maang tikkas to floral Bajuband, you can never go wrong with floral jewelry. You can customize the designs as per the color scheme of your outfit.

Floral Kalire
You can get Kalire made out of fresh flowers. Light in weight and available in a plethora of colors and varieties, floral Kalire are trending in the category of floral jewelry for Haldi ceremonies.

Haath Phool
Haath Phool is the pop culture replacement of gold and silver bracelets that brides usually wear as jewelry pieces. Imagine a bride dressed in a pastel color outfit with soulful strokes of Haldi across her cheeks and arms. What is missing? Flowers as a piece of ornament. From Boho chic to traditional ethnic tones, this jewelry is a front-runner in all aspects.

Floral Maang Tikkas and Passa
If you wish to feel like a legacy, then go for a floral ornament with your hair cascading sideways, befitting the fashion icon that you already are! Floral Maang Tikkas make for an exquisite choice in terms of floral jewelry for Haldi ceremony.