Exciting ways to match your lipstick color to your bridal lehenga


Don't we like criticizing brides for their horrific makeup, secretly? Sometimes, it is fun to point out mistakes and figure out if someone else’s makeup is too loud or too boring and dull. But what if you are the bride? It’s your wedding day and all the eyes are on you? Isn’t it a bit intimidating? What if you screw up, big time?
Makeup and bridal lehengas are just BFFs on the wedding day. But with the abundance of colors in bridal lehengas, brides tend to get confused on what lip shade they should opt for. Will bright red work on that bright red Sabya lehenga or should you go for nude? We asked the famous makeup geniuses to spill their makeup secrets to us!

Lip colors are an important part of a makeup look for a bride, balancing the entire makeup look as well the jewelry and outfit. We recommend nude peach or pinks to balance a bold eye makeup with wedding outfit’s colors of red, pink and gold; this will keep the look feature focused and enhance the overall bridal look not taking the attention away from the outfits. The other shades recommended are a bold red for a red or gold outfit which can be worn in contrast with the outfit or to compliment the color palette uniformly. The time of the day and the location of the event indoor or outdoor is considered before decided the shade of the lip color.

 Many brides live in this delusion that it is vital to match the makeup to the bridal outfit. Instead, it is best to compliment your bridal makeup with your wedding attire. So, if your lehenga is a combination of maroon, black and gold, then it does not imply that your makeup should consist of the same trio of colors. You don’t want to look like a rainbow by applying the same lip color or eyeshadow to exactly match your bridal attire.

For a red bridal lehenga, red is the best choice. For a pink lehenga we would prefer a nude pink lip shade. For a gold lehenga you should opt for a burnt orange or peach shade.

Brides generally prefer nudes and peachy shades to break the monotony of the full red lehenga. With pink lehengas they would choose a nude pink or softer pink. Gold lehengas they would opt a red or a deep maroon lipstick.

I think Red and shades of red look so gorgeous and beautiful on Indian Brides. We absolutely love red and it's one of our favorite shades. Red has many different shades to it, Like Cherry, Rose, Crimson, Ruby, blood red etc . All these different shades are worn by our Indian Brides and each and everyone looks super gorgeous.