Brides who told their Love Story through their mehndi design!


Bored with the traditional and same old mehndi designs? Want to try something new and stunning? Then your search ends here as we are here with some new fresh and stunning mehndi designs. One of the freshest and marvelously stunning mehndi design trend that emerged a long time back and has been ruling ever since is the infusion of best portraits in the bridal mehndi design. Having your hands adorned with mehndi designs that are not only gorgeous but also holds a special place in your hearts sums up the aesthetic essence of a bridal mehndi.
If you thought your only options for your bridal mehndi designs include baraat motifs and the bride & groom portraits only, you’ve got it all wrong. We have been seeing a lot of brides opting to tell their love stories through their stunning henna designs and it’s too beautiful to put in words.
So what are you waiting or just scroll down and check out the most amazing mehndi designs for your wedding.

How about having your bae's portrait beautifully drawn for all the love that you have for him?

Do you have a proposal story to tell the world? Flaunt it through you’re the bridal mehndi that's adorning your hands!

Get some birds and animals on your Mehendi hands

You can also opt for including your wedding hashtag in your mehndi design.

Complete with planes and social media logos, city skylines and road signs, this one marks a very special journey.

If you find it hard to express your love for him in just 2 lines, then get the whole love note included in your mehndi design.

Couple portraits for the mehndi designs

How about getting your favorite poetry included in your mehndi design?

Totally gushing over how simple and yet so beautiful this music motifs henna design is!

Totally loving the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, the girl holding the ring and then the couple finally getting married

London Eye and London Bridge for mehndi designs

The bride got the coke, fries, and burger etched in her bridal mehndi.

This bride’s got beautiful airplane motifs in her bridal mehndi as her to-be husband is a pilot!

Totally loving the London Eye and London Bridge engraved beautifully in her bridal mehndi design.

The long distance story told by these beautiful henna designs