Bridal Red Lehengas that will make you wish you were getting married tomorrow!


Red! Yes, that's the only colour which is synonymous to bridal lehengas and well, rightly so! Sure a lot of Indian brides donned unique hues of green, golden, purple, blue and pastels on their big wedding day which resulted in a complete makeover of bridal lehengas, but despite that, the surreal charm and quintessence of red with wedding lehengas stays intact and gives a gorgeous bridal look.
Indian brides have an eternal connection with the colour red. No matter the era, brides in India have selected red as the colour of their bridal trousseau for ages. Red, which is often associated with love and passion, also stands as a symbol of the rising sun in the Hindu culture. Thus, many Indian brides, including those with a modern and eclectic taste choose a red bridal lehenga to signify auspicious beginnings, prosperity and fertility.
The photographs of these beautiful Indian brides in red will warm your hearts, soothe your souls, immerse you in a pool of emotions and of course, will give loads of inspiration to all the brides-to-be.
So what are you waiting for? Just scroll down and see the traditional options for red outfits!

Red and gold bridal lehenga: As classic as it gets
The ever-classic combination of gold embroidery on a fiery red bridal lehenga choli can never go wrong for an Indian bride.

Red lehenga with heavy embroidery
This heavily embroidered red bridal lehenga is for those brides who love to go all-out on their D-day. You get one day to dress up to your heart’s content, so why not, right?

The classic Sabyasachi bridal red lehenga
A designer bridal lehenga that spells Oh-So-Gorgeous. A masterpiece by Sabyasachi, the god of bridal couture, this red bridal lehenga is what dreams are made of!

Never get bored of the gold and red bridal lehenga
Yes, there’s another one with the classic and traditional red and gold combo. And no, I am not complaining! Doesn’t the bride look absolutely radiant wearing this designer bridal lehenga?

Simple red lehenga for brides who prefer minimalism
Red, but with a hint of yellow too. This lehenga is the perfect choice for brides who like to keep it simple and elegant but also want to add a pop of some other colour to their ensemble.

Radiant in red  
Totally digging at this beautifully contrasting white and red bridal lehenga. This one’s perfect for those of you who want to balance out the brightness of red with some other colour also.