Beautiful floral buns for a perfect bridal look!


Magical & mesmerizing… that’s what your bridal hairstyle should look. If wedding bells are around the corner, these trending floral hairstyles and floral buns are stuff you MUST check out for a perfect wedding day!

Floral buns have their own charm and can instantly glam up an otherwise simplistic bridal look. Even though they only make a peek-a-boo from your sheer net bridal dupattas and are mostly covered; their aromatic scent and quintessential beauty make it hard for brides to not pick it for their grand wedding day. Buns never go out of the fashion, when it comes to bridal hairstyles and why would they? They have a timeless appeal and more importantly, they are the best choice if you have to pin a bridal dupatta on your head! While you are going to have a bun wedding hairstyle why not adds flowers to it and makes it look even more gorgeous and stunning? 
Dainty or loud, an addition of flowers to a bun never goes out of fashion when it comes creating a gorgeous bridal look! Keeping this in mind, we have curated some of the most elegant floral buns that we spotted this wedding season!
So what are you waiting for just scroll down and check out these stunning floral buns which you can opt. for your wedding and related ceremonies!

The all-white floral bun!

Shades of pink roses bun!

Red and white floral bun with dainty white flowers!

The perfect bun with roses and dainty white flowers!

The carefully aligned bun with subtle white florals

Pink rose petals love

Blush pink roses floral bun

The eternal love for blush pink flowers!

The bun tucked under dainty florals

The bun with contrasting flowers!

The floral bun that compliments the bridal trousseau perfectly!

The one that is everyone’s favorite: red floral extravaganza!

The all-pink floral bun with a dash of sparkle!

The floral bun with dual shades of roses