5 common mistakes you need to avoid at your own wedding


Long before your wedding day, you start fancying about ways to make it your best day in life. With dozens of decisions, both big and small, on your kitty, you tend to fall prey to minor blunders. Some things are unavoidable like the thunderstorm or electricity cut, but there are other major issues that need to be taken care of deftly before for wedding day.

Here are the most common wedding-planning mistakes:

Setting a budget:

More often than not, the budget tends to get blown up while planning for your wedding. It is a nightmare yet you cannot afford to elope. The budget either gets out of hand or you underestimate some of the expenses. Plan swiftly to avoid taking a debt from your friend.

You buy your wedding dress before choosing the venue :

Don’t fall prey to a beautiful dress without knowing the venue of your wedding. If you buy a low-key gown but later a Plaza was booked for your weeding, you will certainly end up regretting.

Signing a pantry contract without further details :

Catering is the largest financial contract you will sign, but doing so without proper knowledge would leave you in a state of mortification. Note the added things in the contract like food courses, alcohol brands along with bartenders and so on. Remember to get it in writing.

Getting trapped in Tradition : Don’t fall prey to traditions that your family or society has been following since ages. It is your wedding, and you need to decide how it will show up. Infuse tradition in your personal style. A win-win situation for all.

Sending invitation cards too soon : You tempt to tell everyone about your wedding which is like nine months away. Friends could turn into acquaintances by the time you tie the knot. Halt it and let the date create a sense of excitement.

GO ahead of time and plan the BEST wedding ever !