10 Wow, Hairstyles for Winter Weddings.


A woman’s hair is the first most notable part of her beauty. It enhances her personality. It’s a crucial part of your appearance and sets the tone for your entire look. A bad hair day is just a miserable day. A bad hairstyle reflects adversely on the person who wears it. Hairstyle gives a positive effect to your personality, enhance your confidence also complements your features.
Two things that every bride-to-be worry over our hair and makeup. When it comes to wedding day hair, there are such different options that one tends to get staggered. Should I leave my hair open? Or should I go for an elegant updo? Will my hair get messed up if I leave it straight? How will it look in the photographs? Messey or oily.! These are many questions that brides panic about when they are deciding on their wedding look. Well, I’m here to help you by giving relief to some of that tension! I have compiled some Indian bridal hairstyles that you can peruse at your pleasure before making your decision. So let’s get right into it!


1.Criss Cross Flower Accented Bun
When it comes to a traditional Indian wedding, you can never go wrong with a sleek and elegant bun. This simple donut bun style is perfect to be worn under a ghunghat because it will keep your hair tidy and comfy in that place. The simple individual flowers add a touch of prettiness and gorgeousness to the look.
For Criss Cross Flower Accented Bun you just need the Wide-toothed comb, Smoothing serum, Fine-toothed comb, Hair elastic, Hair donut (big), U pins, Small flowers, Stronghold hairspray.

2. Bouncy Curls
It’s quite amazing how a simple bump can transform the most basic of hairstyles into something astonishing. This gorgeous curly and bouncy hairstyle has been elevated to the next level with the help of a bumpit inserted at the crown of her head.

For Bouncy Curls you just need  Heat protectant, 1-inch curling iron, Bumpit, Fine-toothed comb, Bobby pins, Light hold hairspray, Tail Comb.

3.Loose Romantic Braid

Every bridesmaid wants to look beautiful on occasions like wedding engagement etc. Her dress, hair, and makeup are styled to make them gorgeous and beautiful and it should be perfect. Not only Loose romantic braid will give a funky gorgeous look also it will compliment your personality.
For Loose Romantic Braid you just need Texturizing spray, Hair elastic, Maang Tikka, Tail Comb.

4.Dutch Braids Bun
Dutch braids have that quality of making any simple hairdo look super twisted and pretty. This stunning and gorgeous updo starts off with double Dutch braids in the front and ends with a fake Juda in the back. A fake Juda is a perfect way to get a full-bodied bun in case your hair lacks volume.
For Dutch Braids bun, you just need Texturizing spray, Bumpit, Hair elastics, Bobby pins, Fake Juda, Strong hold hairspray

 5 Fancy Clip Curly Bun
All short hair girls, listen up! If you are looking for the best Indian wedding hairstyles for short hair, then here it is for you. You didn’t think we didn’t forget about you, now, Think what? Do you think of styling your short hair for your wedding as a provocation? I have one tip, Just curling them and pinning them up with a jewel-encrusted fancy clip which can give you a truly elegant hairdo.
For Fancy clip curly hair you just need Heat protectant, Straightening iron, 1-inch curling iron, Bumpit, Fine-toothed comb, Bobby pins, Fancy hair clip.

6.Simple Floral Braid
When it comes to the luxurious Indian Wedding, flowers play a crucial role in its every aspect. This beautiful and latest floral hairstyle is the testament to that. With just a few bouncy curls and some artificial flowers in pastel colors, this simple braid has been transformed into a thing of beauty.

For Simple floral braid, you just need Heat protectant, 2-inch curling iron, Bobby pins, Hair elastic, Artificial flowers, U pins

7.Traditional Gajra Braid
The fashion of Gajra braid can never fall apart. It looks like a mind-blowingly beautiful on your wedding day by adding a simple twist to your braid. Intertwist along Gajra around your braid to add a floral touch to your traditional bridal look.
For Traditional Gajra Braid you just need Texturizing spray, Bumpit (small), Bobby pins, Long Gajra (jasmine garland), Hair elastic.

8. Side Swept Bumped Curls
The simple things in life are the ones that are the most beautiful and stunning. And when you have the gorgeous designer outfit and jewelry in place for your wedding, you kind of want to retain everyone’s focus on that. So, these simple side-swept bumped up curls work wonders to complement your ensemble without taking too much attention away from it.
For Side Swept bumped curls you just need Heat protectant, 2-inch curling iron, Bobby pins, Fancy Juda pin, Light hold hairspray. 

9.Feathered Hair With Jhumar
There’s no piece of jewelry that is more stunning and representative of the Indian bride than the jhumar. Give your hair a feathered effect with a blowdryer and simply put on a jhumar and Mang Tikka to complete your bridal look. It will for brides as well for bridesmaid and it will absolutely look stunning. The Feather hair with jhumar is the perfect combination.
For Feathered Hair With Jhumar, you just need Smoothing serum, Round brush, Blow Dryer, Maang Tikka, Jhumar.

10.Floral Curly Fishtail Braid
Let out your inner flower child on your wedding day with the glorious hairstyle that’s one for the ages. Accessorize your bumped up fishtail with some gorgeous and stunning flowers and stems of Baby’s breath to achieve this magical appearance.
For Floral Curly Fishtail Braid you just need Heat protectant, 1.5-inch curling iron, Texturizing spray, Bumpit, Bobby pins, Hair elastics, Fresh flowers, U pins, Strong hold hairspray