10 Marvelously Designed Wedding Invitations


Wedding card! Your invitation is your guest introduction to your auspicious day. A lot of couples spend a considerable amount of time and steered effort designing and making sure their invitations are perfect. We think, your invitation should set the mood for the big day and create a sense of anticipation. Adding a pocket to your suite is a really beautiful way to display your invitations.  You have a lot of options to select the best like floral laser cut style for a more elegant vibe, or more of a subtle regular pocket that lets your invitation be the star! With hundreds of colors and styles, it’s impossible for you not to find one you like! If you are stuck in confusion, here are some of the amazing wedding invitation trends to give you some ideas:

Mixing the patterns:

Mixing different patterns like Bold patterns such as stripes with polka dots, oriental flower prints and paisley have been big news in wedding invitations for some time, but the latest trend is to mix two or three of these patterns, in the same color scheme, for a really eye catching invite.

Playful boom of Color:

Generally, the wedding cards are neutral which leaves the invitation pale, to make it look more appealing go for colorful and bold invitation. Your wedding card gets a glory with a tinch of beautiful colours. So, don’t forget your invitation isn’t the only important item! Get playful with your envelope liners and colors too!

Gold, Silver, Bronze Foil Invites:

Wedding invitations with Luxurious metallic touches such as foil pressed calligraphy, borders, polka dots, flourishes, or an envelope liner

Injecting personality:

The latest trend of wedding season is Handmade wedding cards. It is an amazing option for cutting costs as well as handmade cards are more personal. Couples showcase family photos, caricatures, and images of places they have visited to create bespoke designs. It is an amazing option for cutting costs as well as handmade cards are more personal.

Rustic Tags:

For couples planning for a rustic themed wedding, tie up your wedding card with wooden tags , lace band and burlap will be the first choice.

Pocket it:

The standard envelope wedding invitation has had its day: these days as much thought goes into the design of the invitation’s wrapping as the card itself. These are designed to hold the invitation, from fabric pouches to colored clear plastic pockets, a reply card, directions and accommodation details, and gift list information.

Modern typography: 

A good font goes a long way. The modern style has increased a lot due to the minimalistic trend getting bigger too! An invitation gets straight to the point, but stays vibrant with a cool color choice!

So, what are you waiting for? Your wedding is a big event in your life, select the best that can make all the difference. Having the best wedding card is imperative to creating the perfect wedding and will also help your guests to understand how special it will be.