Wedding Look Inspirations From Indian Social Media Influencers

August 18 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Wedding Look Inspirations from Indian Social Media Influencers
Credits: CLBVfIolVco

One of the most hyped career trends among the millennials is a new phenomenon that has emerged only a few years ago. The term Social Media Influencer became a rage with the rise of Youtube in the year 2005 which was the first platform that gave space to content creators who flaunted their skills in various fields to bring a mass following, to follow them. The craze followed the platform of Twitter in the year 2006 and finally reached the current most popular social media platform i.e., Instagram in the year 2010. Social media influencers are popular for their take on various areas such as fashion, lifestyle, gaming, food, mental health, women’s health and so on. In fact there came a time that a lot of people started identifying as social media influencers, and this led to a trend in memes about these personalities. You can love them, you can hate them but you can not ignore them. 

One of the industries that has seen the maximum influence from social media influencers is the fashion industry. With various varieties of fashion trends such as street fashion, comfort fashion, makeup trends, body positive fashion, fashion for plus size, bohemian fashion, high end fashion, luxury fashion and so on; one of the industries that has been extremely affected by the trends popularised by social media influencers is the Wedding scene. Be it the personal wedding outfits of different influencers or the wedding fashion ideas by particular fashion bloggers, these influencers have taken their followers by a storm in making them replicate these styles in their own lives. 

Social media Influencers needn’t even necessarily belong to the fashion influencer category to inspire people. Influencers from a plethora of fields have led aping of trends amongst youngsters and particularly millennials, simply because their favourite influencer carried or wore those things. 

With this we bring to you various Wedding looks inspired by Indian Social Media Influencers.