Wedding in winters? Here are some tips for your wedding outfits that will suit your winters wedding


We know all the brides who are getting married in winters; you don’t want to spend your wedding event with sluggish woollen jackets in winters, concealing the beauty of your designer outfit. We are already cringing at the thought of those over-embellished lehengas that are a dime a dozen and the conventional styles that are oh-so-pretty with the quintessential massy touch on it. Winter has arrived and boy, it has left us literally salivating with styles that will scream glamour.

The winter wedding season is all set to arrive! And we are sure your hunt for the Bridal Lehenga must be on with full zeal and fervour. Well, being your ultimate saviours, we yet again did the mandatory homework for you and have chalked out the best lehenga ideas for winter weddings. Without any further delay, here we enlist some of the hottest lehenga ideas that are going to dominate the bridal fashion scene in winter weddings 2018-2019. 
From the return of quirky weaves to the wispy ones that show off those fab blouse styles, we've compiled a list of our favourite winter lehengas for all you lovely brides!

1. Opt For Winter Fabrics!

Fabrics like velvet and raw silk make the best buy for winter weddings. Not only do these fabrics look rich and regal but will protect you from the cold weather as well. You can’t wear them during the summers. So, make sure you take full advantage of the weather by buying winter lehenga made up of velvet and silk! 

2. Full Sleeve Blouse to Complement Your Winter Wedding!

If you are someone who cannot bear cold winds then make sure that the length of the sleeves of your blouse is long enough. Not only these sleeves will add glamour to your look but will protect you from the cold as well.

3.    Lehenga with a Sheer Blouse

Sheer and winter blues don’t exactly sound good together. What if we ask you to drape a heavy dupatta across your neck and call it the best day? You definitely don’t want to look like the ‘I-am-so-cute’ docile bride when you know how to flaunt those amazing curves. Take a cue from us and reject the cold outside by surprising everyone.

4. Lehenga with an Attached Choli

If you are stuck somewhere between bold and traditional, why not give the attached choli look a fair chance? Get innovative; add more design elements to the choli and more drama to stand out. Let the ensemble be lightweight and not heavy. It lets you show off the winter look while keeping the traditional essence unscathed. This wonderful combination is all heritage and gorgeousness rolled into an adorable bundle.

5. Accessorize Your Winter Lehenga With A Jacket!

A jacket is the best accessory that you can wear at your winter wedding. Not only will it add a style quotient to your look but keep you cosy as well. You can go for a long and heavy jacket-style blouse as well.

6. Win The Cold Battle By Draping Right With Double Dupatta!

Brides look beautiful when they carry double dupatta with their lehenga. When it comes to style your winter lehenga, you can replace one dupatta with an embroidered shawl. This will take your look to a whole new level and keep you warm throughout the wedding.