Unique Themes To Rock Your Sangeet

December 06 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Unique Themes to Rock your Sangeet
Credits: Martha Stewarts Living

An Indian wedding is incomplete without multiple functions and ceremonies, and they all are equally important and have a significance to them. One such wedding function is the Sangeet function. It is also a significant occasion for families to socialize and become acquainted before the wedding day.

Traditionally celebrated by Punjabis, this tradition has been adopted by numerous other communities as a type of ritual for the upcoming wedding. The performance is typically expected to include solely female guests from both sides of the family, however, males have been known to join too in recent years. Unlike holy customs such as the Haldi or various rituals  of the wedding ceremony, the Sangeet is just hosted  to enjoy the couple's joy and contentment. 

The Sangeet ceremony usually takes place two or three days before the wedding and Mehndi ceremony. But nowadays, the majority of families combine Mehendi with the Sangeet celebration. The ceremony should take place in the Bride's home or in a different banquet, where the new Bride's family welcomes the new Groom's family by reciting lovely folk Suhaag to the theme of the Dhol. 

Over the past few years, the trends have started to change,  in the wedding industry. More and more couples are willing to have a theme-based decoration in their wedding functions like sangeet, rather than simple, old and traditional decoration. 

If you are a bride or a groom who is looking for some fun themes to go with for their sangeet decorations, we have a huge list of themes from which you can take ideas.