Unique Outfit Combinations for Brides & Grooms for this wedding season!


Wearing color coordinated wedding outfits is very normal these days. Not only do coordinated couples stand out from the crowd, but they also get photographed better! When it comes to couple clothing, the safest bet, beyond doubt is to be all match-match with your man on the wedding day! If you and your guy are tying the knot sometime soon, make sure to color coordinate your wedding outfits with a classy twist! You don’t have to go all out, just keep it nice and subtle, for the two of you to be in sync with each other. It’s super adorable and cheerful and somehow, adds that extra personal touch to the entire wedding event. So, if you are wondering what your bride and groom dress color combination should be, then here’s a list of couples who totally nailed their wedding couple dress combination!  

The matching gown and suit color combination

This bride and groom outfit color combination is so stunning that we just can’t take our eyes off them. Love how the groom is wearing an all-white tuxedo to complement the bride’s gown’s embroidery.  

Match the design

While everybody is busy matching the colors of the outfits, why not match the designs or the thread work? If the brides’ lehenga has beautiful Gujarati stitches, ask your designer to create a sherwani following the same stitch work on it. In this way, you will be able to incorporate unique designs also.

Matching his safa with the lehenga

Virat and Anushka wore beautifully coordinated wedding outfits, in harmony with the quaint surroundings of Tuscany. Virat’s safa and the banarasi hand-embroidery on the Sherwani complimented Anushka’s outfit in the most sophisticated way ever!

Pink love

If you are in no mood to rack your brains figuring out how to be color coordinated with your man, you can definitely opt for this pink color look. This beautiful bride has very elegantly matched her outfit to the exact shade of her groom’s kurta.

Embroidery matched correctly

Another brilliant way to color coordinate the outfits is the combination of bright color against a neutral color while the only thing that stands out is the embroidery.
If the lehenga is a riot of colors then the groom should wear a neutral color kurta pajama, to balance everything out.

Print and embroidery coordinated couple

If color coordinating your wedding outfits is too common for you, then go ahead and get your wedding lehenga and sherwani made with matching prints or embroidery like this couple here. A cool way to get your bride and groom dress color combination

Matching lehenga and sherwani combination for the wedding couple

This lehenga and sherwani combination for the wedding is a classic one. The groom is wearing a sherwani in the bride’s lehenga embroidery color and offsetting it with the maroon shade of the bride’s lehenga.

Matching gown and suit combination for your reception night

The groom is wearing a classic black three-piece suit, while the bride is wearing a navy blue one-shoulder gown. This combination is perfect for your reception or cocktail night!