Types Of Wedding Attires For The Indian Groom

August 26 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

The Indian market for men’s attire has seen a great surge over the past couple of decades. Gone are the days when men had very few choices for clothing and that too in typically the same two, three colours. With a bollywood icon like Ranveer Singh adorning a floral print Angarakha for his mehndi ceremony, many grooms have started to think out of the box regarding their wedding outfit choices. Moreover, not only is the Indian style of clothing acceptable to the Indian groom, a lot of Indian grooms take inspiration from the Western cultures for their wedding outfit choices. With this we come to the few main categories of Wedding Attires that are being seen to become more and more popular. The upper garments of most attires for men can be mixed and matched with different lower garments. Thus we will discuss the variations of both :


  1. Sherwani and lower garment variants

  2. Dhotis and upper garment variants

  3. Kurta and lower garment variants

  4. Suit

These attires have so many variations and styles that saying that there are only a certain fixed  types of Indian Wedding attire for men would be an understatement. The variations are influenced by different regional cultures within India and sometimes also present as a form of Indo-Western version. Let's take a look at these in great detail.